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Serving customers in European Union


Free movement of services

  • Since May 1, 2004 (the day, Czech Republic joined the European Union), providing of cross-border services is possible for companies and tradesmen registered in Czech Republic without any restrictions under the EU Law.
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Application of VAT

  • All the services provided by Hejrovský & Co. Consulting are categorized under the Reverse-Charge group of services. This means, that no VAT has to be paid to the provider of services as long as the customer is registered for VAT in some other State of EU than Czech Republic. The invoices are VAT-free, carrying just the information about our VAT-Number and the fact, that the charged services belong to the Reverse-Charge group of services. Our customer has than to declare the purchase of the service on his VAT return and calculate the local VAT. At the same time he applies the tax deduction, thus the resulting VAT balance is Zero. No VAT has to be paid at all.
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