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The Founder

Ing. Pavel Hejrovský
(since 1994)

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Target Areas:
  • Organizational structures and Information flows

  • Compensation / commission systems

  • Business process optimization

  • Customer centric processes

  • Project management

  • Marketing

  • IT


System Theory, Control Theory, IT

M.Sc. in Technical Cybernetics (CVUT Prague)

Continued education at ETH Zurich (Automation, Technology Management, Project Management, Marketing)

M.A.S. ("Nachdiplom") in Automation (ETH Zurich)

Languages: English, German, Swiss German
Czech, Slovak, Russian

Experienced "Big 4" Senior Consultant and Project Manager bringing success to his clients by leveraging synergies of deep business process understanding and broad IT experience.

International experience gained on many varied projects including strategic consultancy, CRM, businessprocess reengineering, compensation & benefits system design, information strategies, knowledge management as well as business SW development / reengineering. His largest projects were focused on sales & distribution in in telecommunications and financial market, customer loyalty, business network management and progressive rewards & recognition systems.

Recognized initiator, integrator and natural knowledge carrier.

Beyond skills from the areas of strategy, business-process optimization and Project Management, bringing strong technical skills in client databases, data modelling, system design, desktop hardware / software and operational support with special experience in commission management systems and project management support tools.
Strong background in Systems Theory, Theory of Control, Computer Technology and Electronics.

Valued for excellence in combining business processes with IT solutions.

The majority of his professional life active as consultant: Senior Consultant in Technology Integration at Deloitte Consulting, Consultant in Strategy & Operation at Deloitte Consulting, Consultant and Manager at Hejrovsky & Co. Consulting / Haccon International.

Besides consultancy experienced as a member of board of directors of a cooperative credit bank, chairman of the supervisory board of a start-up corporation, expert witness in direct marketing and pyramidal schemes, entrepreneur and manager (personnel count up to 100), controller, researcher, lecturer in Theory of Control.

Outstanding academic reports (top 1%, Prize of Minister of Education).



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