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Let us introduce .....
Our Way of Work

The stage:

  • The tasks
    • The methods
      • Your profit

I) System analysis:

  • preliminary analysis, process analysis, identification of causal relationships and essential parameters, clear definition of objectives
    • interviews, thought maps, SWOT analysis, causal analysis, workshops, business case - definition
      • So that you know what the problem is

II) Solutions & Bounds:

  • generation of native solution, easy solution, quick solution, cheap solution, alternative solutions and their evaluation with respect to the project constraints
    • brain storming, workshops, teamwork, business case - calculation
      • So that you know what‘s possible to do

III) Optimization:

  • general criteria definition, criteria value optimization (the choice of the solution and its parameter optimization) » detailed project
    • workshops, SMART, modelling and simulations, teamwork, business case - evaluation
      • So that you know what‘s the best way

IV) Implementation:

  • identification of resources necessary for implementation, criteria for success evaluation (quantitative and qualitative), budgeting, project management, controlling
    • workshops, WBS, PMBOK / RUP / Agile (scrum) / Lean (kanban), teamwork, EVM, reports & presentations for stakeholders
      • So that you can stay concentrated on your core business


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