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The Partners

Hejrovský & Co. ConsultingTM is an association of cooperating partners and associates which combine their resources as required to leverage their special knowledge and effectively serve their clients. Founded in January 1995, the form has changed couple of times according to the development of  the Czech law and the internationalization of partners evolving to the current stage of project-to-project collaboration of well tuned teams. The desire to offer to our clients the best service covering the whole spectrum beginning in strategy development, through business process design / optimisation, to implementation of supporting IT stays constant.
Ing. Radana Donátová (since 1995)


Target Areas:
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Workflow Optimisation
  • Project Management

M.Sc. in Economy (Czech University of Economy)

Languages: English, passive German
Czech, Slovak, Russian

Consultant with experience from diverse positions in business administration and various consulting projects.

Her broad spectrum of experience ranges from start-up support in custom services over management position in hotel business and branch management in travel and financial services business to coordination of export of investment units at level of Ministry of Machine Industries. Consulting experience especially in marketing, CRM and back office business-processes.

Strong analytical skills, experience as data processing analyst and project manager for rationalization and control.
Power user of all usual office applications - especially Excel.

Broad variety of soft skills including diplomatic protocol.

Graduated with honours


Dušan Krajči (since 1995)


Target Areas:
  • Management Psychology
  • Sales Psychology
  • Lecturing
  • Motivation & Self-Motivation
  • Marketing

high school
huge amount of special trainings
rich experience in relevant fields

Languages: Czech, Slovak,

Consultant & Mentor with great dynamics and deep knowledge of all aspects of human soul relevant for marketing business.

Proven track of success in diverse marketing projects.

Broad variety of soft skills. His biggest strength is in his ability to motivate.


Jana Anežka Křížová
(since 1999)
Jana Anežka Hejrovská (since 2002)


Target Areas:
  • HR business processes
  • Process Management
  • Organisational rules

high school
a lot of special trainings
rich experience in relevant fields

Languages: English, passive German
Czech, Slovak, Russian

Consultant with deep practical experience from positions in Company Organisation, Process Management and HR.

Her spectrum of experience covers development of basic organisational rules by start-up of a new bank and basic company process management of a bank as well as standard HR processes, HR-software implementation and organisation of training in large companies. Beside business process and HR oriented experience, experienced in macroeconomic analysis, social sciences and data processing.

Consulting experience especially in HR-processes. Strong understanding for process optimisation using IT. Power user of all usual office applications.

Broad variety of soft skills.


Miroslav Zvolský (since 1998)  


SW development - database solutions, data processing

Altus, Ltd., Prague (since 1995)  
IT HW solutions (LAN,  Hewlet Packard authorized reseller, bookkeeping SW, staff training centre)

Slavicek, Ltd., Prague (since 1995)  
SW development

AxonNet, Ltd., Prague (since 1996)  
IT HW and SW solutions (WAN/Internet/Intranet); Digital Signature Solutions & Data Security


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