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Working for your efficiency

  • According to the experience of management consulting firms, there is a potential for increasing the profits of an average firm by 15-20% just by improving the productivity. More than 50% of this improvement can be achieved by systematic design of the information-, work- and control- flows. The rest is related to the human factor.
    • Do you want to profit from this fact? - Call us to help you optimizing the processes!

Working for your confidence

  • According to the Theory of Systems, an incomplete, inconsistent or suboptimal design of a system slows down and has a potential of destabilizing the system. Robust and Adaptive System Design are the answers to these facts.
    Any rule implemented in an organization - including any contract you sign – does represent a part of the design of the system of the organization. Especially the design of information flows and control loops is crucial for efficiency and stability of the system. The system - that’s your business organization.
    • Do you want to be sure that everything is OK? - Call us to check the system for you!

Working for your peace of mind

  • Any projected change causes conservative reactions and its realization creates a lot of extra work in the form of the detail project specification, special task coordination, controlling and success criteria evaluation. But improvement requires changes!
    • Do you want to save your valuable resources? - Call us to carry out the project!


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