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Our Trademarks

Global marketing servis

  • the historic trademark of our specialised consulting services for agents / dealers / brokers intermediary marketing channel
    • stands for full-range service covering marketing / branding strategies, pricing, organisational structures, commission systems, training, administrative systems and supporting software  in all lifecycle phases including development, roll-out and run-time support
      • based on direct experience of our partners and proven success from our many consulting projects


  • our progressive system for organisation and support of intermediary networks
    • stands for "MultiStructural-/DualStructured-Marketing" - an "ready-made" optimised complex system of organisational rules, contract and  commission system, administrative system and a flexible supporting SW-system combining the best features of classic structures and MLM while eliminating their insufficiencies
      • build to ensure best dynamics and flexibility together with long-term stability and efficiency of intermediary networks


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 Global marketing servis (czech)


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