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Atlantic Tharr International, Inc., New York

Setup of an import firm in the Czech market (tobacco, candies) - market research, marketing plan, legal issues, organizational structure planning.

Prague Trade Agency Group, Ltd., Prague

Analysis, evaluation and optimisation of the organizational structure, design and implementation of a commission system for marketing of pension funds (22,000 collaborators), venture analyses, design and implementation of a mass-data processing system.

Czechomoravian Commodity Exchange, Inc., Kladno

Analysis and definition of the Exchange Guarantee System, preliminary study for the use of Internet, evaluation of the fixing and matching algorithm, general IT consultations, preliminary study of possible extensions of the services of the Exchange.

Global Marketing, Prague

Design of organizational structure with emphasis on information flow and controllability / flexibility (designed for up to 10,000 collaborators), design of distributed turnover-driven remuneration system, design of information system with respect to its connections to bookkeeping incl. related software analyses, design of technical-administrative system incl. layout of documents and workflow, preparation of texts of contracts, evaluation of selection meetings (300+ candidates), information system SW development.

AxonNet, Ltd., Prague

Support by presentation of middleware IT solutions (Lotus Notes) to customers.

Priority, Ltd., Prague

Contribution to information policy definition, information system SW development, LAN maintenance.

Galla Travel, Ltd., Prague

Marketing plan consultations, design of a marketing organization structure, contracts and commission system, system integration, IT support.

World Alliance Mercantile Co., Ltd., Prague (by Global Marketing Servis)

Analysis of marketing plan, organizational structure, contracts and commission system; solution proposals for identified problems.

Australian Bodycare, Ltd., Prachatice (by Global Marketing Servis)

Design of an organizational structure, contracts and commission system for direct marketing channel cooperating with wholesale channel, operational consulting.

Sophia Finance, Ltd., Prague (by Global Marketing Servis)

Conceptual design, analysis and implementation of IT-solutions (client-contracts processing, in-/out-commissions calculation, processing of payments, ...).

FERl Institutional Management, Gesellschaft für Vermögensberatung und Consulting mbH, Bad Homburg, Germany

Capital market modeling and prognoses (IT-reengineering), Balance Sheet Forward Projection and Portfolio Optimization for banks (conceptual design of an IT-solution).

U.S. Digital corp., Vancouver, WA, USA

Control theory consulting, Feasibility study for a new product (traffic control).

Aldor, Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

Business Analyses, Business Process Optimization, Consulting in Strategy & Operations, Human Capital Management (consulting).

REDpoint International, Inc., Vancouver, WA, USA

Kinematics modeling, Development of new technical solutions, Patent research, Market research, SWOT analysis and strategic options for entering new markets, Regulatory compliance and near-shore production (research).

Devoteam Danet GmbH, Weiterstadt, Germany

Project support in multiple IT-projects in the sector Telecommunications: PMO process optimization, design, development & implementation of custom PMO-tools, Document Management, Project/Programm Controlling, IT-Business Analyses & Solution Design, Project Management, PM- & IT- consulting.

VSF experts GmbH, Mannheim, Germany

Project support in international agile IT-projects in the sector Mechanical Engineering (agricultural machinery): Business Analyses, Agile Requirements Management, Support Process Optimization (ITIL), Incident analyses, QA, IT-Consulting.


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